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Off Site Construction

Off Site Construction

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OSC Explained

Off Site Construction describes the pre-fabrication of permanent buildings at a location other than the construction site.

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Benefits of OSC

Discover the countless benefits Off Site Construction techniques can deliver to your construction projects.

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Modular Building Projects

Take a look through examples of successful Off Site Construction  projects.

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David Johnson, Managing Director

Off Site Construction Advice Ltd is the consultancy service offered by me, David Johnson.  I have worked in Off Site Construction (OSC) for over 20 years and was Managing Director of Yorkon Ltd and Foremans RBS Ltd for more than ten years.

During that time I oversaw the successful delivery of over 1,000 separate OSC projects with a combined floor area of over 430,000m2 and a value of over £450m.

Working from York in North Yorkshire, Off Site Construction Advice Ltd aims to use the experience gained over my career to offer unbiased expert advice and support to clients, contractors, consultants and architects on the best use of Off Site Construction techniques.  In some senses a "poacher turned gamekeeper".

The website gives an insight into the benefits and possibilities of using Off Site Construction with illustrations of completed OSC projects.

David Johnson