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Off Site Construction

Benefits of OSC

What are the benefits of Off Site?

Depending on the construction project, using Off Site techniques or the use of modular buildings can deliver a range of benefits.

Speed of Construction

Off Site Construction can be up to 50% faster than traditional.


Factory based construction is carried out under strict quality control conditions generally under ISO9001.  Snagging is minimised.

Modular Building

Cost Certainty

According to the RICS only some 50% of traditional construction projects are delivered to budget.  The record in OSC projects is significantly better.

Programme Certainty

Off Site Construction projects have a significantly better record of delivery on time.  Typically only some 60% of traditional construction projects are delivered on time.


More efficient use of materials in the factory minimises waste generation. What waste is generated is recycled by partnering with specialist waste management contractors.  Typically 95% plus of waste is recycled in the factory.


Health & Safety

OSC is 50% safer than traditional in terms of fatalities and 20% better in terms of major injuries.


Fewer deliveries, fewer people on site, less dust, less noise all help to minimise disruption to both neighbours and to the client’s own operations.

Skilled Labour

Much of the labour employed in an OSC factory is semi-skilled because they are akin to those employed in a car assembly plant.  This means that the output of the OSC factory is not affected by shortages of skilled construction labour.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

The design and manufacture using OSC is inherently more airtight and more thermally efficient because cold bridges are minimised.

Interim & Emergency Application

OSC is ideally suited to rapidly providing the equivalent accommodation in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster whether that is a school, a supermarket or a doctor’s surgery.


There is an over 60% reduction in the numbers of deliveries to site compared to traditional construction methods.

Increased Efficiency

A Steel Construction Institute study has shown that man hour productivity was 80% more efficient in the factory than on-site.


Improved Security

There are 75% fewer personnel on site compared to a traditional site, which means fewer security checks and less risk.

Remote & Inaccessible Sites

Rooftops, fully enclosed courtyards, off shore islands all lend themselves to the use of OSC.

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