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Off Site Experience

OSC Advice Ltd's industry experience.

Since it's launch in 2013, Off Site Construction Advice Ltd has helped a number of clients. Below are some examples of how we have helped.
Advising Clients on Off Site Construction

Off Site Construction Advice Ltd has been employed by Community Health Partnerships to carry out a rigorous cost benefit exercise comparing off site and traditional construction methods for a large multi-disciplinary health facility.  Areas of particular interest are project cost, construction programme, flexibility for future change of use and lack of disruption during building work.

Sourcing a Suitable Building

OSC Advice worked with Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Trust and their Architect to obtain tenders for a single storey extension to their existing premises which were undergoing renovation.  The extension was required urgently to allow the renovation to be undertaken with minimal disruption to the services to patients.

OSC Advice is working with an Independent Property Developer who is exploring the use of OSC for student and social housing.  This has involved working with their architect and introducing them to selected modular manufacturers.  This was followed up by factory visits to look at their capabilities and see examples of their work.

OSC Advice worked with a large NHS Trust which was exploring the purchase of a 3,000 m2 modular building to increase the number of beds on the existing hospital site.

OSC Advice  worked with a London based Property Developer to explore the use of a Turkish modular manufacturer to build a hotel in Iraq for use by security personnel.

Building Disposal

Pennine Acute NHS Trust had a three storey modular building which it no longer required.  OSC Advice worked with the Trust to help dispose of the building for re-use to avoid demolition.

Housing Developers

OSC Advice has worked with a Scottish housing developer to explore the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to enable them to create an efficient system that would differentiate the operation from other small housing developers using traditional methods.

OSC Advice is working with a property development company based in the North West to provide advice and guidance on the use of Off Site Construction looking at specific sites and supporting them in discussions with funders and suppliers.

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